Once you have made the decision to adopt a baby domestically, most likely you will be looking for an expectant mother who has chosen the path of adoption for her unborn child. There are several ways in which you can try to find an expectant mother from registering with an adoption agency/professional to finding an expectant mother on your own.  No matter which path you choose to go down, there are many good reasons to do some adoption marketing, or adoption outreach.  If you’re wondering what adoption marketingmeans, I basically define it as ways to share your wishes to adopt a baby and taking steps to find an expectant mother.

Benefits of adoption marketing

Even if you’re registered with an adoption agency or working with an adoption professional, the reality is that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket. There are many benefits to taking some action on your own, including:

  • finding your child quicker
  • saving a portion of your adoption fees (check with your adoption agency/professional to see what would be saved)
  • maintaining stronger control over the process and outcome
  • exploring more bonding opportunities with the expectant mother.

Are adoption professionals doing marketing for you?

The job of adoption agencies or professionals is to help facilitate the adoption process.  Most of them help to connect an expectant mother with adoptive parents. Some agencies/professionals do some marketing to locate expectant mothers and some don’t. So if you’re registered with an adoption agency/professional, check with them to see what steps they take to help attract expectant mothers.

When your marketing works…

If you’re working with an adoption agency or professional, you’ll need to check with them to see if they can process the adoption if you find an expectant mother on your own. If they cannot do that for you, then you will need to find an adoption attorney to help you get through the legalities. Also keep in mind that if you are adopting a baby from another state, every state has different adoption laws so make sure that the attorney you use knows the state laws in the state you are adopting from.

Just remember that the more feelers you put out there, the more your odds are increased for bringing home your teeny peanut sooner. Check back for future blogs where I’ll share some specific adoption marketing ideas.

For more specific adoption marketing ideas, refer to the Teeny Peanut™ Insightful Adoption Ideas eBook which is available at www.teenypeanutdesigns.com/ideas.html. To view some adoption marketing material examples or to order some beautifully designed adoption marketing materials, go to www.teenypeanutdesigns.com/designlibrary.html.

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