When it comes to putting together an adoption profile, you’re probably focused on developing the right text and gathering the necessary photos, right?  They are, of course, the meat of the profile, so it’s important you put a lot of care and thought into choosing what’s right to reflect your life.  But you’re not done, yet.  You need to figure out how you’re going to present the information and photos you have. You can lay them out neatly on a page and just leave them.

Or, you can make an even greater impression by incorporating a complementary design for your layout. What is that?  That basically means to incorporate color, appropriate backgrounds, matching accents, interesting layouts and creativity to make your photos and text more visually appealing. An effective design serves a number of key purposes:

Catching the readers’ attention quickly

When your adoption profile is being reviewed, most likely it is amongst a number of other adoption profiles that are also being reviewed. So, you need to create a way to stand out amongst the crowd. By having an eye-catching design, it will more quickly get the reader’s attention and help to make a lasting impression.

Reflect your style and personality

A big challenge when developing any adoption profile is to truly get your personality to shine through. When you only have words and your photos to demonstrate that, it’s more challenging. Your style and personality can easily be reflected in your design, giving greater insight into the type of person you are. Even the colors or combination of colors will be a reflection of you.

Complement your photos and text

No matter how carefully you select your words and choose your photos, it can still be improved upon to reflect who you truly are. Imagine that you took your photos and hung them on a white wall. The room is still bland no matter how fun the photos may be.  Then add some paint, wallpaper and perhaps some interesting accessories.  Suddenly the room comes to life and shows so much more than the photos.

Case in point

The first adoption profile I designed was for Linda who was looking for an expectant mother and had been waiting for quite awhile. I worked with her to ensure the photos reflected her story and the text encompassed everything she wanted. Once we got the content done, then I went to work on a design that fit her style. The first thing she commented on was how I had captured her personality in the design I created, so it made her presentation even more impressive and insightful. As a result, she was the only single person selected amongst a large selection of couples. We believe the design helped to really show her warmth, fun nature, light-hearted attitude and priorities in her life. Within a few months, she brought her daughter home.

For more examples, go to www.teenypeanutdesigns.com to see a variety of designs that were created to make a lasting impression.

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