When expectant mothers are reviewing your adoption profile book, letter or website, you really want them to get to know you and your personality. Of course you’ll be able to show your personality when you talk on the phone or meet face-to-face, but how can you get your personality to come across on paper or computer screen? Here are some simple suggestions on ways to incorporate your personality:

Use a complementary design

If you’re developing an adoption profile book, letter or website, use a design and style that really reflects your personality. If you’re upbeat and outgoing, incorporate a design that will include bright colors and graphics with movement like swirls. If you’re a nature lover, incorporate natural elements like recycled paper, earthy tones and a tree theme to show how you want to branch out your family tree. If you have an artsy or crafty style, then incorporate your talent and expertise into the design. If you’re boring, well, then use a boring design or none at all. ha!

Highlight appropriate photos

Photos give a lot of insight into your personality by the activity in the photo, how you react to situations in the photo, what your smile is like or how you laugh. I recently spoke with an adoptive dad who told me their birthmother chose them based on their smile! Make sure your photos aren’t all staged photos with you sitting and smiling at the camera. Show some interactive photos with your hobbies, friends, family, enjoying some favorite activities or doing some goofy things.

Include a movie

If you’ve got an adoption profile website, are listed on adoption agency or website registry or are using social media, a great way to truly show your personality is to include an introduction video of yourself. Take the opportunity to talk about yourself, your life and dreams. However, don’t just sit and ramble or act like you’re in an interview. Instead, try to interject a good story or a tour of your home or some special tricks or talents you have. It will help to make you stand out and be a little more memorable. And don’t worry about being perfect…it’s the imperfections that make you more believable and real. To increase your exposure, remember to post your video on YouTube, too!

Write a blog or update social media regularly

Blogs and social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) offer a great opportunity to share your thoughts about any topic you want. This type of medium allows you to share freely and give some insight into your thought process and activities. Whether you’re talking about different topics of choice or sharing your daily, weekly or occasional activities, your personality will come through while also sharing your sense of humor, serious side, values, priorities, pet peeves, what makes you tick and the list goes on.

These are just a few ideas, so if you have more to share, please leave a comment!

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