When you develop your adoption profile, the main point of it is to tell the story of your life. Of course the primary means of information in an adoption profile book, letter or website is the words. However, there are ways of telling your story without using a single word. Below are some suggestions to demonstrate the power of visual impact.

Use photos to visually tell your story

Imagine that expectant mothers’ aren’t able to read a word of your profile, will they still be able to understand what you’re trying to communicate to them? Photos are visually powerful to tell your story and highlight your main points. So be sure to include photos that help to introduce different chapters of your life. For example, include photos of you engaging in your favorite hobbies, your friends and family, your home and some fun times.

Use design to reflect your personality and style

You can’t underestimate the impact of a well-designed profile book, letter or website. Most likely expectant mothers are reviewing a number of profiles at the same time yours is being reviewed. So, how will your profile stand out in the crowd and be memorable? A design that reflects your personality and style will speak volumes about who you are without reading a word.

Organize your information

Think clearly about how you’re presenting your information so it is organized and easy to follow. One suggestion is to break it into key topics such as Home, Family, Hobbies, Dreams, etc. By organizing your information with key topics, you are able to easily convey what’s important to you.

Use titles for your key topics

Oops, that’s using words, but it’s still a great idea!!


Get out your video camera and shoot an adoption introduction video. That will give a lot of insight into your personality, style and demeanor. Don’t be afraid to give a tour of your home or show a special skill or talent that you have. It will make it more memorable and engaging.

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