Welcome to the Teeny Peanut Blog!  It all began with my passion for adoption. Because I, too, went through the adoption process, I have a real passion for the wonderful impact that it has on so many lives.

The beginning of Teeny Peanut Designs and Blog all began when a friend asked me to help create her adoption profile book. As a graphic designer and marketing expert, it was a natural fit and pleasure for me to help her. Best of all, her profile was quickly selected out many others. We suspect the design and the way we set it up had something to do with it because the expectant mother said it really showcased my friend’s good points, it was easy to read, truly reflected my friend’s personality and stood out from the others in a positive way. My friend brought home her little daughter just a few months later.

Wondering how I can continue to be a part of the adoption process, I decided to continue to apply my graphic design and marketing skills to help with domestic adoption profiles and outreach materials.  I went on to write a book, Teeny Peanut Insightful Ideas, and start this blog to help more people develop effective profiles/websites and outreach materials. There’s nothing more rewarding than to help connect waiting parents with a teeny peanut to bring home forever. And that’s also why I created a line of coming home announcements to share the exciting news with the world!



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